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Stress and health

"Stress" is a word used so widely in today's society that we often don't stop to think about the impact that this is having on our lives and the community as a whole.

Of the three main types of stresses we are under- physical (bending, lifting, falls accidents), chemical (poor nutrition, lack of water, alcohol, smoking) and emotional (workplace, relationship and personal), it is becoming clear that emotional stress, and its effects on our health are on the rise.

As our lives become busier and the pace of life gets faster, it is how we adapt and cope with emotional stress that will determine our health.

When we are under stress, our physiology changes completely ("stress response"), and left chronically, this can be associated with lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and fatigue.

Our thoughts and internal dialogue can trigger the same "stress response" within our body too. Every time we think of a previous emotional trauma or event, our body creates the same physiological state as when the incident first occurred. Positive thoughts and memories create healthy physiology, negative thoughts and internal dialogue triggers the "stress response", leading to loss of health!

Simple ways to combat stress:

Allow some time every day for you to unwind, meditate,

read a book.

Exercise daily, as this inhibits the "stress response".

Watch your thoughts; don’t dwell on past events.

Take responsibility for your health and your thoughts.

Laugh a lot and be happy.

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