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Lifestyle Choices

Life is about balance (homeostasis). Without proper balance in our body and lives we cannot expect our health to be at its best.

To achieve balance within our bodies we must eat well, exercise regularly and minimise stress. When we don’t eat, move and think well, it creates a stress response within our body. This changes our physiology and leads to increased levels of cortisol and catecholamines (stress hormones) being released into our blood stream.

These stress hormones cause a cascade of events to occur within our bodies: increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased blood glucose/sugar levels, increased blood cholesterol and lipid levels, increased clotting factors, insulin resistance and many more.

It must be emphasized that these above changes associated with the stress response are absolutely necessary for survival in a stressful environment, and could save our life if involved in a crisis situation.

However, we are not designed to be under chronic stress. Leaving these stress hormones at chronically higher levels in our body can be involved in some of the health problems seen so prevalently in today’s society such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and fatigue.

Whether the cause of this stress comes from poor nutrition and lack of water (not eating well), through lack of proper spinal and joint movement, exercise and flexibility (not moving well) or through negative self-talk, thoughts or actions (not thinking well), the exact same physiological stress response is set into motion within the body.

To improve our lifestyles is not difficult. Change one thing and your health will improve. Change many and watch your body thrive!

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Lifestyle Links

Below are links to some interesting websites to provide you with more health, lifestyle and chiropractic information. Lifestyle Family Chiropractic does not endorse any particular websites, rather we recommend reading widely so that you can make better informed health choices for you and your family.

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